Hi you,

Perhaps you think:

Ok, the way I do my life is not going very well. How can I improve this?

Perhaps you read a lot of blog pages and books about it. My Instagram and Facebook are a collection of inspirational people 😄. I’ve found my solution, the ‘thing’ that was totally lacking in my life. The missing piece in my day to day activities and work. This thing was: meditation.

I discovered that I was always focusing on other things and other people. It was mainly work, but also pleasing others. Meditation taught me to focus on me. Literally. Once I have inner piece, I can do way more for others.

It has changed my life. I used to be this busy person, always in a hurry and always trying to be there for others. Right now I am a better me. I do my meditation in the morning, throughout the day I take some moments of meditation and at night before I go to sleep I find my center. I try to eat healthy and do my daily exercise. It has made the new improved me.

The results? I feel soooo much more calm, relax and happy. I am able to do the same amount of work, with the same attention to detail, but without the stress part.

Will you join me in my journey? On this blog page I share my experiences and give you tips.


beth meditating