Increase consciousness: 10 tips for a more conscious day

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How to increase my consciousness? In this article I’ll give you 10 tips for a more conscious day, including meditation tips. These tips will help you to have a more conscious day, instead of a stressful day in which you rush through thing not being able to relax and focus on you.

By meditating, you learn who you are and how to deal with whatever happens around you. By practising to meditate, this mindset will go more automatically as you learn and evolve. But what to do during the day, when you experience stress, your thoughts run wild and you end up in a destructive way of thinking that’s affected by emotions? Read further and apply these tips into your own life, work and daily activities.

Meditation: when the gong strikes, the rest of your day starts

I will give you 10 tips to make you stronger and in touch with your energy, purity and wisdom. Don’t apply all the tips immediately, as this will only cause stress. Choose one or two tips at the time and try them for a few days to discover how it helps you.


Increase consciousness: my 10 tips

Start with one or two tips at the time to achieve more consciousness during the day.

1. Set and intention in the morning

This is a great tool to increase consciousness: set an intention in the morning as you wake up. Start by focusing on the movement of your breathing trough your body and hart. Speak the following words out loud for yourself:

  • I am conscious
  • I am present

You don’t only speak the words out loud, but also feel the sound of your voice vibrating through your body.

Mindfulness is also remembering. Every time you notice that you’re absent, also subconsciously, you smile and remember the intention your spoke in the morning.

2. Take it slowly, but consciously

Take extra time in the morning to be able to take it a bit slower than usual. This allows you to keep you focus and senses with the activities you’re doing, like brushing your teeth. It might happen that your thoughts are taken away by impulsive thoughts, feelings, boredom or impatience. Smile every time you notice your thought are moving away and remember the intention you have and spoke out loud when you woke up.

Try this exercise every morning during one week.

  • Did you forget? Don’t worry, just start again the next day.
  • Didn’t it go well and did your thoughts rush off anyway? Don’t worry, just try again the next day.
  • Were you too much in a hurry? Try again next day and focus on being more relax and calm.

3. Hide your phone

Are you going to travel to work or your daily activity? Hide your phone. Put it away at the bottom of your bag and put your phone in silence mode. This allows you to focus on traveling and being more conscious about the travel.

If you experience impulses, other thoughts or feelings, just smile and remember your intention in order to focus (again) on traveling.

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4. Focus on the positive thing about delay in traffic

You miss a connection, train, bus or metro? Or do you end up in a traffic jam? Focus on this experience and the emotions it gives you. Which thoughts or feeling do you experience? Besides stress, does it also give you something positive?

Try to breath through your hart, what happens?

5. Set the intention again

When you arrive at work or your appointment, try to find a moment to set the intention again. Feel the vibration of your words in your body and hart. Be grateful that you give attention to yourself to focus on the core of your energy, purity and wisdom.

6. Don’t resist stress

Make stress your best friend. Stress will always be there and also has positive features. The more you try to resist stress, the more stress you’ll experience. By being curious and loving you surrender and as an experiment you focus on the stress.

  • What does your stress look like?
  • Where do you feel stress in your body?
  • What do you feel?

Be grateful for stress, so your body can prepare for a challenge and can fully focus on the challenge. Make space and continue to follow your breath. Experience and feel the stress, be grateful and bring this feeling wherever you go.

7. Plan moments of mindfulness

Plan intentionally moments of mindfulness during the day. Use for example an app, a reminder on your screen, a post-it on the mirror or an activity in your agenda.

Stretch a few times, breath consciously or go outside. You can also listen to a meditation app or meditation audio to experience this moment of mindfulness and come back to your core.

8. Make space and time for your inner patterns

Name the pattern that distracts you the most. Choose a name that makes you smile, to help you focus and realize what is happening. For example: ‘auntie critical’ or ‘granny nag’ or ‘Frank never enough’.

Follow your breath through your hart and go back to what you were doing. Does auntie critical come back? Put her aside and decide you make space for her later during the day. But also be grateful and conscious that auntie critical makes time for you. She is like your guest, so be grateful that she’s there and be a good host.

9. Slow down and do things in a very slow pace

Start with 2 minutes of slowing down and relaxing as soon as you arrive back home. You can do this by consciously doing your activities in a slow pace. Just try it. Hang your coat very slowly, walk slowly to the kitchen, experience the contact between your feet and the floor, feel your body breathing, consciously make yourself a drink and experience what this does to you.

10. End your day with a meditation exercise

End your day again by breathing consciously through your hart. Try the following meditation: breath in love, breath out gratefulness, breath in love again, breath out gratefulness, etcetera.

I am very curious what these tips will do to increase consciousness and improve your day.

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