New: IEEE Transactions on Haptics (with Toc)

 A new Presence-related journal has been created: IEEE Transactions on Haptics. This is excellent news, as such a medium will cater to a significant part of the community focused around a key aspect (sense) of presence technologies. To learn more, visit the journal website.
IEEE Transactions on Haptics will address the science, technology and applications associated with information acquisition and object manipulation through touch. Haptic interactions relevant to this journal include all aspects of manual exploration and manipulation by humans, machines and interactions between the two, performed in real, virtual, teleoperated or networked environments.
Research areas of relevance to this publication will include, but not be limited to, the following topics:

  • Human haptic and multi-sensory perception and action
  • Haptic interactions via passive or active tools and machines
  • Devices that sense, enable, or create haptic interactions locally or at a distance
  • Haptic rendering and its association with graphic and auditory rendering in virtual reality
  • Algorithms, controls, and dynamics of haptic devices, users, and interactions between the two
  • Human-machine performance and safety with haptic feedback
  • Haptics in the context of human-computer interactions
  • Systems and networks using haptic devices and interactions, including multi-modal feedback
  • Application of the above, for example in areas such as education, rehabilitation, medicine, computer-aided design, skills training, computer games, driver controls, simulation and visualization

The Transactions is published quarterly, with the first issue having premiered in the second half of 2008.

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Ed Colgate
DOI Link:
Adaptive Control for Improved Transparency in Haptic Simulations
A. Abdossalami and S. Sirouspour
DOI Link:

Data-Driven Haptic Rendering—From Viscous Fluids to Viscoelastic Solids
Raphael Höver, Gábor Kósa, Gábor Székely, Matthias Harders
DOI Link:

Methods for Presenting Braille Characters on a Mobile Device with a Touchscreen and Tactile Feedback
Jussi Rantala, Roope Raisamo, Jani Lylykangas, Veikko Surakka, Jukka Raisamo, Katri Salminen, Toni Pakkanen, Arto Hippula
DOI Link:

Passive and Active Discrimination of Natural Frequency of Virtual Dynamic Systems
Ali Israr, Yanfang Li, Volkan Patoglu, Marcia K. O'Malley
DOI Link:
A Multielement Tactile Feedback System for Robot-Assisted Minimally Invasive Surgery
Chih-Hung King, Martin O. Culjat, Miguel L. Franco, James W. Bisley, Gregory P. Carman, Erik P. Dutson, Warren S. Grundfest
DOI Link:
Transactions on Haptics List of 2008 Reviewers
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Call For Papers
Transactions on Haptics Call for Papers
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