A market overview on Presence technologies and applications

[Presented in Presence 2008]

A market overview on Presence technologies and applications
Gianluca Zaffiro¹, Igor S. Pandzic², Giulio Ruffini³ and Cristina Martin-Puig³ 
This paper focuses on an extensive market analysis done under the framework of the Peach coordination action, a
project funded by the European Union Future Emerging Technologies unit. The analysis identifies, classifies, reports and further elaborates on which areas presently benefit from Presence technologies. Taxonomy of these markets is also derived in this document, describing how and why Presence is used there. Finally some data are extrapolated, showing which are the most addressed markets and which Presence technologies are the most exploited. The presented results are based on an extensive search performed on companies that have currently adopted or are producing Presence solutions. The identification of these companies is based on the support of the Peach Presence research community, and general media. 

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