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How do we create the experience we call reality?  How are rapidly evolving interaction technologies changing it? Presence is a field studying the science, technology and social impact of digitally mediated interaction. It consists of research strands studying how to produce “real”-feeling experiences and the impact of associated technologies on social dynamics.  Presence is intensely interdisciplinary, requiring collaboration in fields as diverse as Human and social cognition, human-machine interaction and machine cognition.

Notice: the follow up and extension to Peach you were waiting for is now active. It is called HC2, for Human Computer Confluence. Please visit http://hcsquared.eu. 


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2nd WinG Consultation call for applications now open! - Oxford 2nd of April 2008

We are still accepting applications! Application deadline 29th February

The second WinG consultation meeting call for applications is now open! Application forms will be accepted until January 25th! The WinG consultations are Peach organized Working Group Sessions (what are the Peach WinGs?)  to discuss the progress of the Coordination Action (CA) with the presence community, and discuss Presence related issues. The community opinion is  valuable for the success of the CA, we need you!

RAVE-08 [Feb 27th 2008, Barcelona]

Update 7 (29th Feb 2008)

  • RAVE08 presentation abstracts on line!

Venue Location

The event will take place at the institute of Audio-Visual studies of University Pompeu Fabra. Full address and further information of the institue is provide in this link [ + Institute information ]

Program PDF version [ + download ]

Augmented Reality in a Contact Lens

  Augmented Reality in a Contact Lens

A new generation of contact lenses built with very small circuits and LEDs promises bionic eyesight

Presence and the Science of Virtual Reality

Open Meeting of Immersence and Pressenccia about latest trends and results in European research on immersive, multimodal Virtual Environments.

Technion of Haifa. November 3,4 and 5 2008.

contact: schweinberger (at) tum.de

Grand Challenge Proposals Under evaluation

The Grand Challenge proposals are currently under evaluation. By February 28th the winners will be announced at peachbit.org!

Peach Summer School now accepting applications + Summer School Abstracts

You can now apply to the 2nd  Peach summer school!  +info
Peach 1st summer school abstracts are now on line + download

Interview with Vijay Kumar, Director of MIT's Office of Educational Innovation and Technology

“It is not the questions you can answer with the new technologies, but the new questions you can ask”

As Director of the Office of Educational Innovation and Technology at Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT), Dr Vijay Kumar is MIT's leader in new technologies for learning, a position that undoubtedly makes him a world guru in the field. Dr Kumar is also honorary advisor to India's National Knowledge Commission, where he has been engaged in advancing open and technology enabled initiatives for educational access and quality. He was one of the guest speakers at the University Campus Conference, the conference held last October in Barcelona to discuss the Campus Project, an initiative of Catalan universities to develop virtual campuses using free software.

Interview carried out by Leo Ruffini for the Open University of Catalonia (UOC).
Published in Open University of Catalonia (UOC) website.

PsychNology Journal and Peach Summer School PAPERS ON LINE !

The papers submitted are already at peachbit.org ( + download ), they have been evaluated and some have been chosen for a special issue of Psychnology Journal!

The first Peach Summer School was a success!

The last Summer School in Santorini, July 2007, was a great success. Students from all around the world Joined us in Greece. Most of the students where EU (from 13th different EU countries) and gender equality was almost achieved! If you joined us in Santorini, or you would like to read the experience of our students, [ + click here] & [ + Summer School web ]

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