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How do we create the experience we call reality?  How are rapidly evolving interaction technologies changing it? Presence is a field studying the science, technology and social impact of digitally mediated interaction. It consists of research strands studying how to produce “real”-feeling experiences and the impact of associated technologies on social dynamics.  Presence is intensely interdisciplinary, requiring collaboration in fields as diverse as Human and social cognition, human-machine interaction and machine cognition.

Notice: the follow up and extension to Peach you were waiting for is now active. It is called HC2, for Human Computer Confluence. Please visit http://hcsquared.eu. 


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Please see also ISPR's site.

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Peach summer school last announcement - Last 15 applications

We are happy to announce that more than 50 applications have been received to participate in the 2nd Summer School. We still have 15 last applications open and we announce en extra 5 days for those who are still interested in applying! please distribute this announcement to all the community!

Gender issues in Presence

With the aim to analyze gender issues in Presence Peach is distributing the attached questionnaire to the community. Those women interested in collaborating can fill it in and send it to claudia.redaelli@itia.cnr.it

3rd Annual XVR workshop --> VR+BCI

Virtual Environments and Brain Computer Interfaces, May 14-15th 2008, Pisa.

For more information, see the attachment.


From: "Mel Slater" <mel.slater@icrea.es>
Date: 12 de abril de 2008 1:59:30 p.m. GMT+02:00
Subject: PRESENCCIA Workshop: Brain Computer Interfaces and VR

Dear Colleagues,
Please find attached information about the new open PRESENCCIA workshop.

First Presence Future Markets online for discussion

First issue of the Presence Future Markets deliverable is online for discussion [+ download 1part; + download 2part; + download 3part]

The document is composed of a main section, discussing the application fields for Presence and two annexes: Annex 1 is a reasoned list of Presence-related companies and Annex 2 consists of on overview on Social Presence.

2nd WinG Consulation meeting Conclusions

The second WinG consultation meeting was a success!! Community members and the Peach core team discussed the main concerns of our community. The discussions conclusions will be found inside the different peachbit.org forums:

Peach 2nd Summer School Applications Close Friday 18th

Application EXTENSION!

If you are interested in attending the summer school 2 we would like to announce that the summer school applications are opened until Friday 18th!

- school.peachbit.org

- Summer School FORUM!

Conversations on Presence - María Victoria Sánchez-Vives

María Victoria Sánchez Vives, Doctor of Medicine and Surgery (PhD) ), studies Presence from a Neuroscientific point of view.

Professor of physiology at the Instituto de Neurociencias de Alicante, she leads a group focused on Systems Neuroscience research.

She is particularly interested in the perceptual roots of Presence in virtual environments and the explotation of virtual reality for the understanding of brain function (Mechanisms of spatial processing, Body perception and 3D visualization of neurons).

Interview carried out by Leo Ruffini of Starlab with Elem3ntal Creative Lab.

[ + Other interviews ]

Second issue of Landscape Deliverable is now on line for discussion

Please send your opinion, comments, suggestions, etc. Your contributions are valuable for the Coordination Action.

[+ more information on Landscape report ]

Grand Challenge Winners

The Grand challenge winners are:

  1. John Waterworth from the Umea University
  2. Giuseppe Riva from the Insituto Auxologico Italiano
  3. Maria Victoria Sanchez - Vives from the ICREA - IDIBAPS

Report on human-computer confluence is now available for comments

The report of the Human-computer confluence workshop is on FET's website for comments (http://cordis.europa.eu/fp7/ict/fet-proactive/shapefetip_en.html). The deadline for comments is 20 March.

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