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How do we create the experience we call reality?  How are rapidly evolving interaction technologies changing it? Presence is a field studying the science, technology and social impact of digitally mediated interaction. It consists of research strands studying how to produce “real”-feeling experiences and the impact of associated technologies on social dynamics.  Presence is intensely interdisciplinary, requiring collaboration in fields as diverse as Human and social cognition, human-machine interaction and machine cognition.

Notice: the follow up and extension to Peach you were waiting for is now active. It is called HC2, for Human Computer Confluence. Please visit http://hcsquared.eu. 


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RAVE09 Final program on line!

RAVE09 final program is available at http://rave09.peachbit.org 

Science Fair and Industry Event application form for travel support !

In collaboration with the Edinburgh Science Festival Peach (local organizer Napier University) is organizing the Peach Science Fair and the third Peach Working Groups (WinGs) consultation meeting

Peach editing the FET Presence Video

Peach is gathering video material to make the first Future Emerging Technologies Presence Video. If you have video material (with or without audio) that you consider would be excellent input to such a video please do not hesitate contacting cristina.matin @ starlab.es as soon as possible.

14th Annual International CyberTherapy and CyberPsychology Conference (CT14)

The 14th Annual International CyberTherapy and CyberPsychology Conference (CT14) brings together researchers, clinicians, policy makers and funding agencies to share and discuss advancements in the growing disciplines of CyberTherapy & CyberPsychology.

RAVE'09 Abstract submission deadline + Early Registration

The RAVE09  Abstract Submission has been extended to 30th January 2009! You can still contribute!Also be aware that early registration deadline is 4th February 2009.

Monday FEBRUARY 2nd - Presence companies list!

Peach is now updating its Presence company list. This list includes more than 100 companies involved in Presence, either delivering technology or solutions in this area, or offering products or services based on it. We invite the Presence community to point out any relevant company that can be added to this list by Monday FEBRUARY 2nd. We need at  least the company name and its website. More information is welcome, including a contact person withing the company.

ICT Networking Session Game 2nd prize Winners

TANGIBLE CREATIVITY by: Andrea Gaggioli, Zala, George Sielis, Amir Winer, Brendan Allison THE PROBLEM: Creativity is usually considered an abstract process: we want to make ideas tangible and accessible. Ideas have multiple ways of being expressed and represented. However, most computer - supported creativity tools are context-insensitive and textually based: this limits the full potential of sensory modalities.

ICT Networking Session Game 1st prize Winners

At ICT2008 Peach Networking session on HCC and the Next Wave in european Research a Game was organized. The game was focus on working groups which provided ideas on potential HCC future projects. The best idea submitted, and winner of the game was:

KIWI - KISS INITIALLY WITHOUT INHIBITION (a dating confluence system) by: Giuseppe Riva, Brenda Wiederhold, Chris Moore, Marlene Thomsen and Gunter Edlinger

ICT Networking Session

The ICT Networking session was a great success. Community members discussed the next wave in European Research and offered or demanded expertise. The offers and demands done during the session are available at the Offers & Demands service.

General Demands for HCC were:

Positive, Fair, Professional media about BCI´s and applications
Direct Brain to Brain Communication is hard. The use of BCIs to identify the best times to:
eat ..
There is a demand to develop:

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