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How do we create the experience we call reality?  How are rapidly evolving interaction technologies changing it? Presence is a field studying the science, technology and social impact of digitally mediated interaction. It consists of research strands studying how to produce “real”-feeling experiences and the impact of associated technologies on social dynamics.  Presence is intensely interdisciplinary, requiring collaboration in fields as diverse as Human and social cognition, human-machine interaction and machine cognition.

Notice: the follow up and extension to Peach you were waiting for is now active. It is called HC2, for Human Computer Confluence. Please visit http://hcsquared.eu. 


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HC2 Coordination action launched

Dear all,
The follow up and extension to Peach you were waiting for is now active. It is called HC2, for Human Computer Confluence. Please visit http://hcsquared.eu. Join the official HC squared group on Linkedin!

Beaming, a European project to develop virtual transport

February 22/23 2010, Barcelona

Beaming, an european project to develop virtual transport
Beaming, a four year collaborative project to develop science and technology to give people a real sense of physically being in a remote location with other people without actually physically travelling, held today its first Plenary Meeting in Barcelona (Spain) hosted by the University of Barcelona and the project coordinator – the R+D company Starlab. The project, which started on January 1st, is financially supported by the Seventh Framework Programme for Research of the European Commission and will be carried out by a consortium of 11 leading technology R+D and neuroscience groups and companies coming from seven countries in Europe. The budget for Beaming, a four year project, is over 12 Million €.

RAVE10 Conference Early Registration

 Dear community, the early registration for the RAVE10 conference is opened until February 12th 5pm (CET)!

Merry Christmas and Happy 2010

 Dear friends,
The Starlab team wishes you a very Merry Xmas and a very real and Happy 2010. May all your dreams materialize!

RAVE 10!

Visit http://www.raveconference.com
We invite the Presence community 
to send their contributions to the third RAVE workshop (Barcelona, March 3rd 2010). Contributions must be at a high scientific level, and typically would describe, attempt to understand, or engineer RAVE phenomena as well as their impact on mediated social interaction. We encourage presentations from the community world wide.

Peach Results - Your Feedback Wanted!

The Peach team has been working hard during the last three years.  Thanks to this effort and the intense collaboration and support from community members, the project has produced a number of interesting outputs. Do you want to know about these conclusions? Please read them and share your thoughts by posting your comments.  We have tried hard to make the following documents rich, representative, interesting, though-provoking and synthetic:

Peach books now online


Science Fair and 3rd WinG consultation events

 Dear all,
The Science Fair and 3rd WinG consultation events took place in Edinburgh April 15-16 2009. We enjoyed a very interesting show from Stelarc followed by a very interesting Panel Session on body augmentation and Presence. 
The 3rd and last WinG consultation event also took place, and provided very interesting inputs to all Peach activities. We will share them with you during the following weeks, together with the final Peach roadmap.

New: IEEE Transactions on Haptics (with Toc)

 A new Presence-related journal has been created: IEEE Transactions on Haptics. This is excellent news, as such a medium will cater to a significant part of the community focused around a key aspect (sense) of presence technologies. To learn more, visit the journal website.

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